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Gift the Gift of Reiki

Holiday Gift Idea!

Give the gift that keeps on giving! These in-person sessions work on recalibrating the energy centers. A combination of Reiki, crystals, sound, and intuition are used to guide the session.


Duration: 1 hour
Price: $105.00
Location: 10107 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL 33173

A code will be emailed after purchase that can be redeemed for a in-person or distant Reiki session.

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Indie Tarot Decks Are Our Jam!

We believe in supporting independent creators that are aligned with our values. We stock indie tarot decks from all over the world, each one bringing its own element of magick to the shop. All decks are hand-selected and chosen intentionally.

2022 ready!

The 2022 Astrological Planner by Magic of I. is here!

The Astrological Planner is back for 2022, a botanical edition merging plants with planets. The future is here and we are at a turning point, let this be a guiding light through the darkness. What better time to stay in tune with the cosmos as we embark on our journey together weaving through the ebbs and flows of time.

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